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WFI announces a new partnership with AustralianFarmers

Agribusiness insurance leader WFI has been welcomed as the newest partner of the AustralianFarmers online platform.

AustralianFarmers is a new online community powered by the National Farmers’ Federation (NFF), bringing together the latest news, weather information, discussions and campaigns.

NFF CEO Tony Mahar described the partnership with WFI as an important milestone for AustralianFarmers.

“WFI has a long history of partnering with farming organisations around the country, and as a market leader in agricultural insurance, thousands of farmers place their trust in WFI to protect their business in tough times.

“This heritage makes WFI an obvious partner to help us connect farmers, agribusiness and the broader community in an engaging online home.

We see a strong outlook for agriculture in Australia.
Andrew Beer, WFI

WFI’s Executive General Manager - IAG Agribusiness, Andrew Beer, said WFI was excited by the opportunity to contribute to the AustralianFarmers community.

“AustralianFarmers is an important way to enhance the industry’s ability to share and communicate in the digital era.

“We see a strong outlook for agriculture in Australia, and it’s important that the industry be equipped to tell that story in a world where people in urban areas are increasingly insulated from life on the land.

“The better connected we are as an industry, the better equipped we’ll be to address challenges as they arise and take advantage of innovation”.

Under its new partnership with the NFF, WFI will help maintain and grow the AustralianFarmers online platform.

WFI’s support for the AustralianFarmers platform strengthens the coalition of supporting organisations which includes Coles, Commonwealth Bank, Crowe Horwath, Prime Super and Vodafone. 

To learn more about WFI, visit www.wfi.com.au.

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